We deliver results with impact.

Nobody is better than Equicom at transforming a complex story into a compelling argument, at making connections, driving business growth and maximizing capital markets valuation.  

A successful investor brand is one part storytelling and all parts relationship management. We help you develop a powerful story to connect you with the influencers, stakeholders and investors that matter.  

Our services include:

  • IPO & Capital Raising
  • Proactive Investor Relations and Investment Community Outreach
  • Investor / Broker Events and Connections
  • Perception Audits, Market Intelligence and Capital Markets Research
  • Private Capital Formation and Venture Capital Funding Programs

Your deal is controversial.  Regulators are questioning your business. A proxy fight is getting tough.  Your future is at stake and your corporate integrity must be preserved. If you’re not telling your story, somebody else is – and chances are you won’t like it. Equicom has worked on the most complex communications challenges of the past twenty years. We help clients communicate when the stakes are high. 

Services include:

  • Crisis communications
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Stakeholder mapping and management
  • M&A and regulatory/competition review
  • Proxy contests Workforce and labour issues
  • Litigation and class action support

Business transformation is taking place at a speed and scope unseen before and your reputation must be protected and managed every second of every day. The conversation has become urgent. Equicom helps you cut through the noise, make your voice heard and ensure your message resonates and influences.

Services include:

  • Media relations Executive and Board training
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Executive visibility and positioning Influencer engagement and activation
  • Employee change management and engagement Issue mitigation

We have the only strategic design team focused solely on capital markets communications. The best narrative is easily forgotten without the right creative expression. That’s our job. Taking a complex prospectus and expressing it with simplicity. Explaining a global transaction with elegance. Building a digital experience that informs and engages. We help you extend your business and investor brand to new audiences.

Services include:

  • Brand strategy and repositioning
  • Corporate naming and logo design
  • Complete visual identity development
  • Strategic design – from websites to slide decks
  • Content marketing and engagement

We help our clients embrace the mindset, adopt the toolset and engage the type of talent used to build community and drive online engagement.

The Mindset: Always informed. Always prepared. Always engaged. And always sufficiently agile to pivot on a moment’s notice. The speed of a newsroom and the urgency of a war-room, all powered by data in real time.

The Toolset: We’re platform-agnostic on conversation and media monitoring and have licenses to all best-practice applications (in English and French). We map tools for your strategic need and our work includes comprehensive analytics packages and reporting capabilities, so the team will always have up-to-the-minute data.    

The Team: We have teams that set up the protocols, others that builds content, and top talent that drives engagement and manages communities.  We can deliver a spurt of activity or a long-term campaign that influences behavior.