Digital Communications and Social Strategy

We help our clients embrace the mindset, adopt the toolset and engage the type of talent used to build community and drive online engagement.

The Mindset: Always informed. Always prepared. Always engaged. And always sufficiently agile to pivot on a moment’s notice. The speed of a newsroom and the urgency of a war-room, all powered by data in real time.

The Toolset: We’re platform-agnostic on conversation and media monitoring and have licenses to all best-practice applications (in English and French). We map tools for your strategic need and our work includes comprehensive analytics packages and reporting capabilities, so the team will always have up-to-the-minute data.    

The Team: We have teams that set up the protocols, others that builds content, and top talent that drives engagement and manages communities.  We can deliver a spurt of activity or a long-term campaign that influences behavior.