Investor Relations and Capital Markets Communications

Investor Relations and Capital Markets Communications

A successful investor brand is one part storytelling and all parts relationship management. We help you develop a powerful story and connect you with the influencers, stakeholders and investors that matter. 

Our services include:

IPO & Capital Raising <Accordion>

We craft your message, train your leaders and create the tools to help you communicate a strong, effective investment proposition. Our team has the skills you need to build an impactful investor brand and ensure your message connects with stakeholders who drive value.

Message Development
Strategic Design


Proactive Investor Relations and Investment Community Outreach <Accordion>

Your business is your priority, but the street demands your attention.  That’s where we come in.  Through ongoing counsel or full outsourcing of IR services, we help you drive results by creating a positive narrative that captures attention and influences behaviour. We put our network at your disposal, ensuring the right meetings take place at the right time with the right people.

Strategic Message Development
Investor Targeting
Disclosure and Delivery
Corporate Secretarial Services

Investor / Broker Events and Connections <Accordion>

We organize speciality events and one-on-one meetings to connect your ideas, your business and your potential with new sources of capital. Our On the Radar (OTR) series focuses on smaller cap and earlier stage companies.  We bring together investors and brokers from across the market and give you the floor to tell your story and make new connections.

Perception Audits, Market Intelligence and Capital Markets Research <Accordion>

We speak to current and prospective investors, deliver a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your current investor brand, help you identify your current and desired investment proposition and find the triggers that inspire investor confidence in your company.

Private Capital Formation and Venture Capital Funding Programs <Accordion>

We take the messaging approach we developed for public companies and apply it to your efforts to raise private or venture capital.  Then, we take you on the road and introduce you to funds and capital sources that are interested in your story. We help you build an investor brand that inspires confidence and complements your business strategy to earn financial support.